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The Weekend Wrap Up (11/27/17)

Welcome back to The Weekend Wrap Up! This week’s song is “Breakfast” by Jaden Smith, who recently dropped his debut album “Syre” last week to rave reviews. Smith has followed in his father’s footsteps with acting in movies and now TV with his anime on Netflix, Neo Yokio.  The young Smith has shown a penchant for creative song making and a nice flow, but this is the first studio release we’ve gotten from him, and he delivered a slick album with dizzying flows, frantic transitions, and futuristic beats. It’s a fun listen, and hopefully just a beginning of what we can expect from Jaden Smith the rapper. How does his lyrics fit this weekend’s biggest stories? Let’s find out:

“You don’t deserve my respect”

This weekend saw the fall of college football’s top two ranked teams, Alabama and Miami, who both suffered their first losses of the season. First was Miami on Friday afternoon, who shockingly lost to a bad and unranked Pitt team, 24-14. Miami’s defense, which had been one of the nation’s best coming into the game, could not stop the Panthers in crunch time when they needed to. Meanwhile, Alabama lost in similar fashion, 26-14, although their defeat came at the hands of SEC rival and #6 ranked Auburn. Both loses though came at maybe the best time for each team, as they may still win their respective conference championships and make it into the BCS playoff.

“All you rappers just a nuisance”

Early last week news broke that Ma$e dropped a diss track aimed at once friend and collaborator Cam’ron. It was a bit of a surprise, as Ma$e hasn’t dropped much music since his return to the game back in 2012. But a Dipset reunion took place the week prior and had Cam and the Dipset back in the news stream again, so it may have been the opportune time to fire a shot at Cam, who has been taken sneak disses at Ma$e several times over the years. Killa Cam wasted no time firing back with a scorching diss track of his own on Friday. Things seemed to take a turn though early Sunday morning, when both rappers posted a screenshot of the conversation they appeared to have, insinuating that the beef is now squashed. If that’s the case, hopefully it’ll lead to some new music from them for the first time in decades now.

“I thought you knew I’m a villain”

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos played the Oakland Raiders in a mostly meaningless game, as both teams are struggling to keep up in the AFC West Division race. But the bigger news from the game came from two of its participants, Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree, who share a dubious history together. Last season when the two teams faced off in January, while checking Crabtree, Talib snatched the gold necklace Crabtree was wearing at the time off his neck, leading to an altercation between the players. History repeated itself this Sunday, when both players were again matched up, and once again Talib snatched gold necklace from his opponent’s neck. Crabtree predictably was upset by the move and drove Talib into the sidelines before attempting to fight him, which caused both teams to scuffle and led to both players ejections. This was the last meeting of the division foes for this season, but we can’t imagine that next year these two players will be allowed to match up against each other – or that Crabtree will wear his chain for that game if they do.

“Know I’m coming for the crown”

Late Sunday night (or early Monday morning, depending on your time zone), news broke from the UK that a royal engagement would be announced between Prince Harry and his girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle. While the rumors of the engagement had been around for a while, it was still a huge news story, as most things regarding the Royal Family tend to be. This story in particular though had a special interest for a lot of outsiders as well as followers of the Royal Family, as Markle represents a black woman (and commoner) marrying into the Royal Family, which would be a first. While some people took this as the time to give their takes on the British Royal Monarchy, most took this as a time to praise the couple and their happy moment. Congrats to them.


That’s it for this week’s Wrap Up. Be sure to check out our Thanksgiving posts!


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