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The Weekend Wrap Up (11/13/17)

Welcome back to The Weekend Wrap Up, where we take the hottest songs in the streets and biggest news and sports and pop culture and merge them. This week’s song is Motorsport by the Migos featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. This song gained a lot of notoriety before it was even released, as there was a lot of chatter about the song’s line-up and Cardi B and Nicki being featured on the same song for the first time ever. Luckily the song itself lives up to all the hype its been receiving. Let’s see how it fits with the news from this weekend:

“You heard she gon’ do what from who?”

Normally here on The Weekend Wrap Up, a huge song release in hip-hop would serve as the lyrical guide for the week. But when you have two artists as big as Eminem and Beyonce collaborate on a record, it’s worthy of a news segment itself. The song is titled “Walk On Water”, and features Bey singing a spiritually influenced hook next to a spoken word style flow from Em. The track came out of nowhere on Friday, which debuted on a new podcast hosted by author Malcolm Gladwell and music producer Rick Rubin. On the podcast, Eminem elaborated on the thought process behind the song, as well as his creative process in 2017, which the song focuses on itself. While reaction of the track have been mixed so far, we’ll see how it does on the charts.


“Take the air out the ball, just so I can flex”

Saturday night in college football saw the #1 ranked team take a loss, while #2 ranked school Alabama narrowly avoided a defeat itself. But the biggest surprise came from the #3 team Notre Dame, which faced off against #10 Miami on Saturday night in the marquee game of the weekend. That Notre Dame loss to an undefeated Hurricanes team was not in itself shocking, though the Irish were small favorites headed into the game. It was the way they lost that was a shocker, with Miami dominating the game from start to finish, winning easily 41-8. This may be the biggest sign that “The U” is indeed back, as crushing a team like the Irish on primetime TV is just the thing to have everyone paying attention the the ‘Canes again.


“You see them stats, you know what I am about”

The big NBA news over the weekend was the continuation of a couple of notable win streaks. The Houston Rockets defeated the Indiana Pacers 118-95 to run their win streak to 6 games, behind the brilliant play of James Harden, who is continuing to put up MVP like numbers despite having his All-Star teammate Chris Paul out for a significant amount of time.


The other team with an impressive win streak is the Boston Celtics, who pushed their win streak to 12 after a close win over the Toronto Raptors, 95-94. Even more impressive is that during this streak, they’ve been missing several key players at different times. Kyrie Irving missed their last game due a facial fracture, while Al Horford was just returning from missing 3 games himself due to injury. And there’s still the big loss of Gordon Hayward, who got hurt in the first game and will miss the rest of the season. That the Celts would not only continue to thrive despite his injury, but only lose one game since, and win 12 straight thereafter, is a testament to their resolve and talent.


You a dork, never been a sport

One of the crazier games of the NFL season took place on Sunday, between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the L.A. Chargers (still not used to that). What seemed like a game that the Jags had in hand got close during the fourth quarter. The Chargers took the lead late in the game, but left enough time for the Jags to pull out the comeback at home. They almost squandered the chance though when quarterback Blake Bortles nearly gave the game away, throwing an inconceivable interception late in the game when the Jags only needed a field goal to tie.

giphy (1)

Luckily for the Jags they still had all three timeouts remaining, and their stellar D got them the ball back again with another chance to win. This time they drove down the field and got into field goal range, before Bortles again tried to throw the game away by almost getting sacked with no time left to spike the ball, but threw it away at the last second. This time the Jags would successfully kick the field goal and win in overtime, but they have to be feeling shaky about their QB position after that performance. We’ll see if his play comes back to haunt them later in the season.

That’s all this week for the Weekend Wrap Up. Be sure to check out our NFL Midseason Superlatives from this past week.


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