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NFL Mid-Season Superlatives

We’ve officially reached the midway point of the NFL season, with all NFL teams having played 8 games so far (or 9, because bye weeks), so here at The Post Up we thought it’d be a good time to dish out some NFL related superlatives. Since every site and platform is doing some form of midseason awards, we thought we’d try something a bit different for ours – high school yearbook style superlatives. We have a list of players and accolades to go with them and how they’ll project out for the rest of the season. And if someone has already done this idea before then keep reading anyway because ours will be better. Here we go:

Most Likely To Succeed:

Tom Brady


The plain and boring truth is that as long as Tom Brady is healthy and playing, then he and the Patriots are always a threat to win the Super Bowl every year. This year is no different, with Tom and the Pats somehow staying afloat atop the AFC East despite a rash of injuries to key players, and a defense that’s been suspect at best and awful at worst. But the Patriots keep chugging along as division leaders as they do every year, despite unexpected challenges from division rivals Buffalo and the New York Jets. We’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see if anyone can truly knock off the reigning kings.

Most Likely To Disappoint (In The Playoffs):

Alex Smith


The obvious choice here would be Matt Ryan, he of the infamous 28-3 Superbowl collapse. The While the Falcons and Ryan have a history of disappointing their fans, this season they are not even a lock to make it back to the playoffs, so the disappointment may come early for Falcon fans.

Which leaves Alex Smith and the Chiefs as the most likely candidate to take the mantle as most disappointing playoff team. After an unexpected hot start with a 5-0 record, the Chiefs have now lost 3 out of 4 games and find themselves third in the AFC playoff standings. Alex Smith has come back down to Earth after a blazing start that garnered MVP talk, with more of his normal pedestrian numbers than the spectacular ones he put up early in the season. While he’s still taking care of the football (he only threw his first INT last week), the Chiefs offense has sputtered a bit, scoring a full 12 points less in their three losses compared to their six wins. And considering the last few seasons of the Chiefs having early playoff exits in spite of having great regular season records, there’s no reason to believe the Chiefs won’t disappoint again.

Class Clown:

JuJu Smith-Schuster

juju-smith-schuster-1506083801 (1)

The only person on this list who could still legitamley be in high school, JuJu Smith-Schuster is currently the youngest player in the NFL. Despite that, he’s been impressive so far in his rookie season, picking up some of the production in his role as reciever number two opposite of Antonio Brown. And while it’s been JuJu’s play that’s gained him a lot of attention (he picked up AFC Player of the Week for Week 8), his celebrations and off field shenanigans are what have already earned him a cult following as one of the funniest NFL players. The saga of his missing bike made national news for the hilarity involved, and produced tons of funny content from all over the internet.

And with the NFL’s relaxation of its celebration rules, JuJu has taken advantage and created some of the best and most hilarious celebrations we’ve seen in years.

Most Improved:

Jared Goff


The Rams and Jared Goff are one of the league’s biggest surprises, going from the lowest scoring offense in the league to the highest scoring team so far in just one season. A lot of the credit rightfully goes to new head coach Sean McVay and his staff, as they’ve brought in a fun and innovative offense, along with some key pick-ups on the offensive and skill positions. But the biggest reason for this award has to go to Jared Goff, who’s had a breakout season after a horrendous rookie year. While talk of MVP contention may be premature (Goff’s been good, but not THAT good), the mere fact that Goff is captaining the highest scoring offensive in the league and looking like a legitimate good player is reason enough for him to be considered most improved, after a rookie season where a lot of people questioned if Goff would go down as the worst number one pick ever. So for him to bounce back and develop into a merely competent player would’ve been success enough, but Goff is thriving in this new offense, and Rams fans have a level of hope and excitement they haven’t felt since Kurt Warner and The Greatest Show on Turf days.

Most Feared:

Jacksonville Jaguars Defense


This award goes to a unit and not a single player, and that would be the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. The Jags D has been strong in spots over the past few seasons, but this year they’re finally putting everything together as an overall unit. Calais Campbell has helped stabilize what was already a good defensive front (he currently is the league leader in sacks at 11), while linebackers Telvin Smith, Paul Posluszny, and Myles Jack are considered one of the best linebacking corps in the league. Add to that two outstanding corners in Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye, and the Jags are littered with talent at every level. It’s no surprise then that the Jags D is currently number one overall in points allowed per game, and number two in yards per game. This is a defense that no one wants to play in the playoffs, so if the offense can hold up their end of the bargain, the Jags will definitely be a contender.

Most Likely To Never Leave School:

Drew Brees


This distinction goes to a veteran who’s been sticking around for a long time and still manages to be an elite quarterback: Drew Brees. Somehow Brees has managed to keep the Saints, who no one had lined up as a contender, in the division title and playoff races. Brees has consistently been one of the top QB’s in football since his arrival in New Orleans, and with the Saints sitting at 6-2 with a load of young talent, that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. While Brees may not be as old as Tom Brady, he may end up playing just as long or even longer if he can stay healthy.


Carson Wentz


The most prestigious high school award goes to the best team and quarterback so far, Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles sport the league’s best record at 8-1, and Wentz is the passing touchdown leader with 23 so far this season. The Eagles also are the league leaders in yards per game, and second to the Rams in points per game. Wentz is a big part of that, improving on a breakout rookie season to elevate himself up to the top level of quarterback. If the Eagles can keep this up, Wentz will certainly find himself in discussion for league MVP honors, which only Hall of Famer Dan Marino managed to pull off as early as his second season.

Best Freshman:

Kareem Hunt


This award goes to another member of the Kansas City Chiefs, rookie Kareem Hunt. He’s the runaway favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year, and has been putting up staggering numbers since game one of the season. Hunt currently leads the league in rushing, and is on pace to set a number of records for rookie rushing and all-purpose yards. He’s been a breath of fresh air and a spark to the Chief’s office. If there’s anything that will keep the Chiefs from disappointing in the playoffs like they usually do, it’ll be because of Hunt.

Do you agree with our superlatives ? Let us know in the comments below!


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