Weekend Wrap Up

The Weekend Wrap Up (10/23/17)

Welcome back to the Weekend Wrap Up, your weekly look back at the top stories in sports and pop culture, presented in the form of lyrics that correlate with each story. This week’s song is Feed Me Dope, by Future and Young Thug, from their recently released project Super Slimy. Thugger and Future have been frequent collaborators in the past, and had been hinting at dropping a joint project for some time now. They surprised their fans late Friday night by announcing via album art that the project would release later that night at midnight. The album has already produced a number of potential hits, with Feed Me Dope being one of the early favorites. Let’s get started:

“Do I really gotta explain myself”

Gabrielle Union is on a nationwide book tour to promote her new memoir We’re Going To Need More Wine. But that’s not the news that had the internet buzzing on Friday. In a radio interview on Sway in the Morning, Gabi was talking about relationships and sexual reciprocation, and at one point she intimated if a partner performed analingus on her, she would return the favor. Of course, the internet took this to mean that she was speaking of Dwyane Wade and their sexual relationship and ran with it, turning it into an admittedly hilarious (albeit gross) meme.

Screenshot (20)

Gabi to her credit tried to get back out in front of the story and correctly point out that she never mentioned Wade as the person she was referring to, and that at age 45, her sexual history stretches back far before him. But unfortunately for Gabi this is the internet and twitter, and as they like to say, “you gonna catch these jokes.” Hopefully everyone will remember it’s all in good fun, and actually pay attention to the larger conversation Gabrielle started about sexual gratification, because it’s an important one.

“I was hustlin’ in the field with all I had boy”

Saturday night saw the participants for the 2017 World Series finalized as the Houston Astros defeated the New York Yankees 4-0 to advance to the championship round. While this year’s playoffs has been an exciting one in terms of story lines and close series, those around baseball had to hoping that the underdog Yankees would pull off the upset. The Yankees remain the marquee franchise in all of baseball, and having them face off against one of the other marquee teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers, in the World Series would have been one of the bigger match-ups of the last decade or so, and one that would’ve surely dominated headlines and ratings. But alas, the Houston Astros were not here to be anyone’s stepping stone, and proved they deserve to be on the big stage. While Houston itself is one of the largest sports markets in the country, the Astros just don’t have the same history and mystique that the Yankees possess. And for that, Major League Baseball ultimately found itself as the losers on Saturday night.

Astros players

“My mama shed a few tears”

As Tuesday approaches, we’re close to wrapping up the first full week of NBA action. And so far the NBA season has not disappointed, with numerous interesting story lines and exciting games for fans to dive in on. The Golden State Warriors, a team that people predicted to win 73 games or more, has started off with a shocking 1-2 record; The Oklahoma City Thunder and their new All-Star trio of Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George have clicked so far offensively, but their defense has been lackluster, leading to a 1-2 start as well; The Houston Rockets sport the league’s best record of 3-0 despite it’s new acquired point guard, Chris Paul, already missing game action with a bruised knee; and the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has looked like the MVP candidate that many had anticipated him becoming.

But perhaps the biggest story so far to come out of this early season happened during the first game of opening night, when 5 minutes into the game, new Celtics free-agent acquisition Gordon Hayward suffered a devastating and season-ending injury when he landed awkwardly during an alley-oop attempt, dislocating his ankle and part of his tibia. It was a particularly gruesome injury that unfortunately aired live on the game broadcast before anyone could realize just how bad it looked. No matter who your team is or where your rooting allegiances lie, no one wants to see a player suffer an injury of that magnitude, especially on the first game with their new team. We’re all wishing Gordon a speedy and full recovery.

hayward-cropped_1woi1ib97643j1lteevblc84bf (2)

“You already know how I give it up”

The sports weekend came to an anticlimactic end last night, when the New England Patriots squashed the Atlanta Falcons 23-7 in a highly anticipated rematch of this past winter’s Super Bowl. Most had thought that the Falcons would be looking to atone for the embarrassing collapse they had in the Super Bowl, and come out fired up with something to prove. Instead, they laid an egg and didn’t score a single point until well in the 4th quarter when the game was out of reach. It was just another disappointment for a team that has a long history of letting down its fans. At least Atlanta has a new season of the eponymous hit tv show to look forward to in 2018, because it doesn’t look like their football will be giving them anything to be hopeful about this year.  

102317 falcons photos CC15

And that’s all for this week, thank you for checking out the Weekend Wrap Up. Look for us every Monday, and follow on social media linked below to stay up to-date with new posts on The Post Up.


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