Music Stars as Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon that has taken over pop culture since it debuted in 2011. Love it or hate it, it’s the biggest show on tv, and the show that dominates people’s conversations and Twitter timelines every Sunday night it airs. Beyond the violence, sex, fantasy elements, and dragons, one of the main fuels for Game of Thrones popularity is the inherent drama of which character will end up on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros. The music industry landscape in 2017 is also a place filled with drama, disses, pettiness, and interesting characters who are competing to sit atop of the music charts. We at The Post Up thought it would be fun to see how the biggest stars in the music industry compare (favorably and unfavorably) to some of the most popular Game of Thrones characters. Let’s take a look:

Sansa Stark = Beyonce

Sansa is a character who has overcome a lot of adversity to rise as a leader in her reclaimed home of Winterfell. She is also a character who many predict will ultimately end up on the Iron Throne by the series end. Whether she ascends to the throne as Queen of Westeros or not, Sansa is a character who is regarded as one of the most resilient, graceful, and strongest throughout the series. It makes sense then that she would compare favorably to Beyonce, or Queen Bey, who is already at the top of the music business as the most popular and beloved artist in the world today. Beyonce achieved this status through hard work, an abundance of talent, and perseverance – along with beauty, grace, and a will to help others – traits she shares in common with Sansa.

Arya Stark = Rihanna

If Beyonce is the more reserved, established of the Stark sisters, Rihanna would be the more rebellious and raucous of the two. Arya has a penchant for doing her own thing her own way, and forging a path of ever changing identity. Rihanna is much the same, not bothered to adhere to traditional pop star standards, and instead blazing her own unique path. And like Arya, Rihanna is slaying everyone in her way. They’re the People’s Champions.

Jon Snow = Drake

Jon Snow has emerged as the most popular and central character in a show/book full of important characters. His brooding, often detached demeanor has somehow resonated with a large number of fans, and the show has shifted the focus of their most vital storylines around his character. Drake, whose music has often been described as brooding and cold, has himself emerged as the most biggest male artist in the music industry. He may not have the fate of all of Westeros on his shoulders, but he does have all the expectations of being at the top of game on him. Will he reluctantly accept the position as Jon has, or will he embrace it and thrive? Time will tell.

Cersei Lannister = Taylor Swift

Wealthy, entitled, power hungry – someone who think she’s cunning, but is probably in over her head. I just described Cersei Lannister, and some would also say Taylor Swift. Cersei, born into royalty and power, has never been satisfied with her role in Westeros and constantly schemes to acquire more. Taylor Swift, a star in the music industry since her teenage years, has been engaged in petty beefs with several artists over the year, not to mention has been notoriously strident about controlling her image and name usage, even amongst her die-hard fans. She definitely has a bit of Lannister in her, and it may not be too long before people turn on her the same way they have Cersei.

Daenerys Targaryen = Katy Perry

Daenerys, the “Mother of Dragons” and “Breaker of Chains”, has always been one of the most popular characters on the show and in the books. But more recently her character has become more criticized for her perceived “white savior” complex and hypocritical stances as a ruler. Katy Perry, also once hugely popular, has suffered a comparable rise in criticism, after multiple public gaffes and accusations of exploitation and appropriation. Who knows if either will ever be as beloved by the public as they once were.

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion = Migos

Let’s be real, the dragons are a big reason a lot of people are here for of Game of Thrones, and have been since they made their first appearance. The dragons make everything better when they make an appearance, and they’ve only gotten stronger and more powerful as they’ve grown. This is a fitting description for the Migos as well, who have set the music world on fire (pun intended) since their debut. Any song the Migos hop on instantly becomes hotter, and they are one of the most sought after features in music. It’s also very fitting that in the case of these comparisons, Dany has recently come under criticism for how she used and exploited the dragons, or in the case of Katy Perry, how she used and exploited the Migos.

Oberyn Martell  = Bruno Mars

Uber talented. Highly admired. And the life of the party wherever they go. That would be both Oberyn Martell and Bruno Mars. A well-loved character, Oberyn Martell oozed charm and personality, especially his tv counterpart portrayed by Pedro Pascal. Bruno Mars is also well loved and charismatic, and a universally liked star in his own right. Hopefully his future is a bit brighter than that of Oberyn’s, though.

Adele = Brienne of Tarth

Brienne is one of the most respected and well-liked characters on Game of Thrones. She’s also very reserved, noble, and has a strong sense of duty. Adele is one of the most respected artists in the industry, and someone who seems well-liked amongst her peers. She also avoids the spotlight for the most part, and only reappears when she’s dropping some new amazing music on us. A hero indeed.

Kendrick Lamar = The Night King

A relentless, cold-blooded force of nature who is destroying everything in his path. I could be talking about the Night King or Kendrick Lamar, and that description would be apt for both. The Night King has made his presence known on the show as an epic threat to the world of Westeros. Kendrick Lamar has similarly made his presence known in the music industry over the past 9 years, claiming the spot as the top rapper in the game and posing a threat to any rapper daring to come for his throne. Just as fans of the show are excited about a potential final battle between Jon Snow and the Night King, a potential rap battle between Drake and Kendrick has been something hip-hop fans have wanted to see for years now.

Lady Gaga = Margaery Tyrell

Lady Gaga is an artist who’s constantly evolving and reinventing herself, never staying in one lane for too long. Although she can be known to be controversial and stir up drama, she is respected as one of the best artists of her generation and is always a topic of conversation. Margaery Tyrell, who is both ambitious and savvy, is a character who has always had plans on ascending to the throne, and uses her family’s power and influence to will her way there. While her methods may be questionable, Margaery has always been seen a credible threat. Gaga by the same token is someone who demands to be recognized for the talent that she is.

Joffrey Baratheon = Justin Bieber

Joffrey, the boy king who ascended to the throne at a young age, and probably way before he was ready, became one of the most despised characters in GoT history. Bieber, similarly, rose to fame very quickly and perhaps before he was ready for it as well, and his bratty behavior upon achieving stardom feels eerily similar to Joffrey’s. Will his career suffer an untimely demise like Joffrey himself did?

Ed Sheeran = Samwell Tarly

An underrated but integral part of the ASOIAF universe, Samwell Tarly is a character who people root for despite his modest appearance. The same can be said for Ed Sheeran, who while not as flashy as his contemporaries, still manages to cultivate a huge following based on the quality of his music and personality. Plus, everyone loves an underdog story, so it makes sense that Sam and Ed would be the ones people root for.

Ramsay Bolton = Chris Brown 

Two despicable characters that somehow managed to stay around way longer than they should have. Enough said.

Do you agree with the list or have better suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


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