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The Weekend Wrap-Up (10/02/17)

Welcome back to The Weekend Wrap-Up, your place for the latest in music, sports, and entertainment. This week’s recap will feature the new song from Rich The Kid titled “New Freezer”, which features rapper Kendrick Lamar. Anytime Kendrick hops on a track is a big deal, and so he undoubtedly adds a level of excitement to this song. Here we go!

“Hop off a jet to a check when I land”

On Friday, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder signed a brand new contract extension worth $205 Million over 5 years, making him the highest paid player by average in NBA history. And for those of us who love the drama and often pettiness of the NBA, it was pointed out that Russ waited until former teammate Kevin Durant’s birthday to sign the extension. Was it an intentional shot at KD, or just a coincidence? Of course Russ would never admit to it, so it’ll just be yet another thing for us as fans and media to speculate on. But as Russ’ famous catchphrase says, “Why not?”


“Rule of the day, get a view every day”

On Saturday night, we got to see the preseason debut of one of the most hyped and talked about NBA players in a long time, Lonzo Ball. For reasons on the basketball court and off (namely, his boastful father Lavar), Lonzo has been one of the most buzzed about players in recent years. So there was a lot of attention on his first game of the preseason against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and while he didn’t have a great shooting night (2-9 on field goals, 1-5 on three pointers), he did show off the court vision and versatility that he’s been heralded for. Hopefully we’ll get to see even more outstanding play from Lonzo this upcoming NBA season.

i (1)

“We put the world on the wave”

It’s always news when Beyonce hops on anyone’s song for a remix, but it was even more important when she announced on instagram Saturday her feature on J Balvin & Willy William’s hit song ‘Mi Gente’. Not only because it’s one of the few times Bey has been featured on an all Spanish-language song, but because she also announced that she would be donating her portion of the proceeds from the song to recently disaster hit Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean Islands. Queen Bey continues to take over the world, and is using her powers for good.


“Get a clique with a plan”

Week 4 of the NFL season concludes tonight with Washington vs. Kansas City, and while yesterday gave us plenty of big moments and talking points, the biggest victory came via the Carolina Panthers, who defeated the New England Patriots 33-30 in Foxboro. Make no mistake about it, defeating the defending champs, at home no less, is always a big deal. Especially when that team is the Patriots, who are historically tough to beat at home, and even moreso when Brady has a good game. But the Pats defense has been bad at best this year, and awful at worse. But credit is still due to Cam Newton and the Panthers, who shook off an early interception to lead the Panthers to a 14 point lead, and then again lead them on a game winning drive to close out the victory. Cam may finally have his mojo back after this game.


That’s it for another Weekend Wrap-Up, thanks for checking us out.


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