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The Weekend Wrap-Up (09/26/17)

Welcome back to the Weekend Wrap-Up! This past weekend was so crazy that we extended it to include the events from Monday night. This week’s song is Rockstar by Post Malone featuring 21 Savage. I don’t know if anyone saw Post Malone becoming a bonafide star capable of producing multiple hit records, but it’s happening. Which makes it fitting for him to have the theme song for such a crazy weekend. Let’s get to it:

“Ayy, that sh*t was legendary”

The most iconic moment of the weekend full of big moments came from none other than the King himself, Lebron James. He sent a hilarious and scathing tweet in response to (as he likes to call him) ‘The So-called President’ Trump, who earlier Saturday on twitter rescinded an offer to the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry that was never actually offered. Lebron fired back with some ether, which became his most liked and retweeted tweet of all-time. Legendary indeed.


“And they all brought a friend”

Somehow lost in the shuffle of Trump’s back and forth with the NFL and NBA, was the New York Knicks trading away their franchise player, Carmelo Anthony, to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Carmelo, who has been asking for a trade since free agency started, and who owned a no-trade clause that gave him the right to veto any trade he didn’t find suitable, agreed to the deal. He’ll now team up with fellow All-Stars Russell Westbrook and Paul George to make a run at dethroning the Warriors. An already crazy NBA offseason just took it up another notch.


“When my homies pull up on your block”

In addition to Trump’s attack on the Golden State Warriors, he also made time in his apparently busy schedule to attack NFL players who knelt for the national anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality. At a rally in Alabama on Friday, Trump called for the firing or suspending of players who knelt, and made derogatory comments about said players in the process. The NFL as whole – owners, players, and coaches – predictably took offense. While a lot of the so called outrage was hypocritical and came from some of the very owners who donated to Trump’s campaign, and their displays of unity rang hollow with empty gestures of linking arms while still standing for the anthem, it was good to see more players than ever before actually take a knee during the song itself. Some teams decided either to not come out at all, taking the decision of whether to kneel or not effectively out of the player’s hands. It’s important to recognize those players who genuinely protested, and to not forget Colin Kaepernick’s original reason for the protest to begin with, which is against racial injustice and police brutality. He will go down as a true revolutionary who started a movement that hopefully will continue until real change is brought.   

“Act a fool on stage”

On the topic of NFL National Anthem protests, Monday night’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys provided a unique case study in a few different ways. First, there’s the owner, Jerry Jones, who’s notoriously outspoken, but also notably Republican and one of the owners who donated money to Trump’s campaign. Then there’s the Cowboys as a team, who have a famously conservative fan base. And finally there was the fact of the game being the last one during a weekend of protests and displays, and on during a prime-time slot with a lot of people watching. So how did owner Jerry Jones and the Cowboys decide to address the controversy? By kneeling and praying before the anthem took place, and then by linking arms and standing during the actual anthem. So they basically played both sides of the fence, making their stance virtually pointless. Way to go, Cowboys.


“I done made the hot chart, I’m livin’ like a rockstar”

Finally, in a bit of lighthearted but good news to round out the weekend on a positive note, rapper Cardi B shot up to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, with her hit song Bodak Yellow. It’s a notable achievement, not only because it’s Cardi B’s debut single, but also because she became the first solo female rapper to hit number one alone without any features since Lauryn Hill did it 18 years ago. She was understandably excited when she received the news, which she captured and shared on social media. The video is both hilarious and refreshingly real, check it out below.

That’s all for this time folks! Be sure to check us out during the week for new posts.


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