Weekend Wrap Up

The Weekend Wrap Up (9/11/17)

Welcome back to the Wrap Up, where we cover the biggest things from the weekend, set to some of the hottest songs in music. This week’s song is The Way Life Goes by Lil Uzi Vert, who currently has the number one album in America. Somehow Uzi managed to make a song that’s ostensibly about heartbreak that’s actually catchy and you can dance to. Ok with that theme set, let’s get started:

“You know I respect her on that level”

Friday saw the official launch of Fenty Beauty, the new make-up/beauty line from Rihanna, to rave reviews. With a wide range of shades for a variety of skin tones, it’s already being hailed as more inclusive than a majority of current make-up brands on the market. And it’s yet another field that Rihanna is set to take over, after already conquering music, fashion, and entertainment. If someone told you that Rihanna was going to successfully tackle the world of competitive snowboarding next, would you doubt them? I certainly would not. Long live the Riri Empire. 

tumblr_ovxwqoAAFI1s78x4wo1_1280 (2)

“I know it hurts sometimes but you’ll get over it”

This line of reassurance goes to Urban Meyer and The Ohio State Buckeyes, who lost their second game of the season to Oklahoma, 31-16. For a team coming off a college football playoff appearance, that’s pretty shocking. An early season loss doesn’t kill their playoff chances for this year, especially if Oklahoma turns out to be the contender that people are predicting. But it certainly doesn’t help. As the song states though, OSU will get over it. They’ve had down years before, but they’re never usually out of contention for too long.

i (2)

“No I’m not a rat but I’m all about my cheddar”

This obvious metaphor for money goes to tennis player Sloane Stephens, who won the 2017 U.S. Open on Sunday, capturing her first major title. Stephens has always been a talented player, so her breakthrough to win a major title was not unexpected. But while Stephens win may not have been a surprise, her reaction to seeing the prize check (for $3.7 Million Dollars) led to a hilarious photo captured below:


“I was only trying to show you things”

The NFL season is finally back, and like always there’s a ton of storylines coming out of each game. Marshawn Lynch is back and looks as good as ever; Jared Goff looks like an actual football player this year; Aaron Rodgers is still the GOAT; The Giants looked predictably bad without Odell Beckham Jr.; and the Cowboys look like the same dominant team from a year ago. Speaking of the Cowboys, wide receiver Cole Beasley probably had the best moment of the NFL’s opening weekend when he made a ridiculous catch during Sunday’s night game. He managed to catch the ball while pinning it to his nameplate, and still somehow kept his feet inbounds at the same time:


“But I like that girl too much, I wish I never met her”

The finale for season two of Insecure aired last night, and *spoiler alert* it left us with just as many cliffhangers and head-scratchers as last season’s did. The episode focused on the three main characters (Issa, Molly, & Lawrence), over a 30 day stretch and showed how the events of last week impacted each character’s lives after. Issa and Lawrence both apologized for their actions and seemed on better terms by the end, but outside of a dream sequence that showed a potential future for them, their actual future is still very much up in the air. And Molly showed strides of growth by going back to therapy and giving a guy a shot she previously wouldn’t have (Quentin), but ultimately she fell back to her old habits and hooked up with Dro again. And with Lawrence screwing things up with Aparna and Issa finding herself sleeping on Daniel’s couch as the show ended, none of the characters seem like their in a particularly good place. Wondering if they all wish they’d never met each other.

Screenshot (7)

That’s it for the wrap up, check back next week for a new post!


*images courtesy of the NFL, HBO, and the Associated Press

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