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NFL QB’s as Insecure Characters

With the NFL season fast approaching and the second season of Insecure winding down, this upcoming Sunday will feature the first Sunday night game of the season and the last episode of Insecure occurring at the same time. We here at The Post Up thought it would be fun to look at the some of the popular NFL players of this upcoming season and find out their Insecure counterparts.

Matt Ryan = Issa Dee


Talented and well-liked, but not nearly as successful as his quarterback peers, one could argue that Matt Ryan’s 2016 MVP breakout season was the equivalent of Issa’s breakout first season of Insecure. Both seemed poised to capture their first rings in 2016 (Super Bowl for Matt, wedding ring for Issa), before two devastating collapses -the Falcons losing Super Bowl 50, and Issa and Lawrence’s relationship imploding. Will the 2016-17 season be a bounce back year for Ryan, or will he struggle to rebound like Issa has in season 2? Time will tell.

Matthew Stafford = Molly Carter


Hugely talented, tons of potential, but ultimately self-sabotaging and routinely makes bad decisions – things that apply to both Matthew Stafford and Molly Carter. In the case of Molly, her string of questionable decisions on the show have been well documented, but they happen so frequently now that one has to wonder if it’s an inescapable character trait. The same can be said for Stafford, who despite putting up gaudy stat lines at times, has never won at a consistent level. That being said, the Detroit Lions just made Matthew Stafford the highest paid quarterback in the league. Will Molly also finally find the long-term commitment she’s been seeking?

Russell Wilson = Lawrence


You could make the case that the Seattle Seahawks defense carrying Russell Wilson to the Super Bowl early in his career is akin to Issa carrying Lawrence in their relationship for two years while he was unemployed. The comparison can also be made that Wilson’s interception at the goal line that lost Super Bowl 49 for the Seahawks is parallel to Lawrence and Issa’s breakup. Both we’re defining moments that Wilson and Lawrence had to bounce back from. As Lawrence looks to flourish on his own after the breakup, Wilson tries to lead the Seahawks as their unquestioned best player this season.

Jay Cutler = Daniel


Daniel is a person from Issa’s past who always manages to pop back up in her life, and not always to great results. The same can be said of Jay Cutler, who recently popped back up as an injury replacement for coach Adam Gase of the Dolphins, with whom he has a past with. Both have a lot of potential and you can see the appeal, but in the case of both Daniel and Cutler, neither ever lives up to those expectations. Will things for Cutler and Miami end as um, messy, as they did Issa and Daniel?

Andrew Luck = Frieda


Frieda, the often awkward but usually well meaning co-worker of Issa, has become a staple of the show. Andrew Luck, maybe the NFL’s most awkward quarterback, is also one of its best. But for some reason, either due bad luck (no pun intended), injuries, or bad teammates, Luck hasn’t been able to obtain success and wins consistently. Just as Frieda is hoping to get a win with ‘We Got Y’all’ and their Latino student enrollment problem, Luck is hoping to take the Colts back to the playoffs after missing out last season.

Aaron Rodgers = Thug Yoda


My favorite character on the show goes to my favorite player to watch. I’m happy whenever both of them are on my TV, and they both make everybody around them better. Thug Yoda (who doesn’t have a name on the show yet) is Issa’s neighbor who always manages to have the funniest lines of whichever episode he appears. Rodgers meanwhile continues to dominate with a less than stellar cast of teammates, almost single-handedly willing his team back to the Super Bowl. Should we expect both to be excellent on Sunday night and beyond? Bount on it.



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